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"The Invictus Games, created by Britain's Prince Harry, are underway in Orlando.

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Anonymous models pose next to placid, playful, sometimes disturbing 'polar bears': these bears traverse the decades, unchanged.

The history of Germany unfolds." TEDDYBÄR "Thousands of stalls like this exhibit multiple and slight variations on a particular item.

"We asked former residents or inhabitant from the Fukushima region, and in some cases, the actual owners of certain properties, to join us inside the no-go zone and open the doors to these ordinary, but now unfriendly, places.

Facing the camera, they were asked to act as normally as possible - as if nothing had happened." "Visualization done with photography or based on photography...

What we do is all about doing everything you have to with all the gear you don't have.

Here's to all the horrible things we have done with our gear to get the shot we need." Obvs for SD & BB. "A composite self-portrait merges 5 years of selfies into a single image using a vertical slice from every day.

So, I decided to see what that would look like without me having to click through it." "Brian Rose's new book, Time and Space on the Lower East Side, portrays the streets of southern Manhattan in both 19 with luscious, composed portraits." Rosecrans chatted with him about it. Now at 90, he climbed for what he says will be his last time." Photos of #paradeblue skies in Beijing for the Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War, a.k.a. "Author Ian Fleming wrote for the 1950s Englishman, whose everyday experience of the world was colored by the devastating consequences of war.

The 50s postwar man could read Fleming's Bond books and dream not only of adventure and villains in far-off lands, but of an exciting lifestyle of fast cars, beautiful women, finely tailored clothes, and exotic gourmet meals from around the world.

In 1950 there were more than 1500 newsstands across town.

In big urban centers like NYC, those were everywhere.

"During my visit to North Korea, I was part of the first ever group of foreigners given access to all stations across both lines of the Pyongyang Metro.

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