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Ag (the g is guttural, so pronounce it in the back of your throat): Oh, as in “Oh no” or “Oh man” or “Oh bloody hell”.

Ag man: Oh man, with more than a hint of frustration, irritation or annoyance; e.g. Ag shame: Shame is a South Africanism for pity or sympathy, but it can also be used to indicate cuteness. And, Ag shame, he got his exam results today and they weren’t good. Arvie: Afternoon, e.g., We’ll pop round for tea sometime this arvie.

Dinges – ding-us: Thingy, whatzit, random item whose name you can’t remember.

Dof: Stupid, e.g., Don’t be dof, of course the Springboks are going to win.

Sies (sis): An expression of disgust, can be used to refer to something yucky or gross. Sjoe – shoe: General exclamation, e.g., Sjoe it’s a hot day! Skinner: Gossip, e.g., Skinnering is a favourite pastime among old tannies.

Skollies – skoh-lie: Criminals, unsavoury characters. Skrik: Fright, e.g., I got such a skrik when the shark siren went off.

E.g., I’m gatvol with Bafana Bafana losing all the time. Graze: Eat Hectic: Extremely, expression of amazement, e.g., I had to stand in a queue for 30 minutes to get my latte – Hectic bru. Score: Buy or otherwise obtain, e.g., Boet, I scored lekker tickets to the rugby tonight.

Also indicates success with the opposite sex, e.g., Sharon scored with Luke last night. Shebeen – sha-been: Township or informal pub Shot: Thanks, e.g., Shot for the drinks bru. Skeef (skief: Sideways, usually used as a way to look at someone oddly, e.g., Why are you looking at me skeef?

Alcohol is usually in abundant supply, especially beer. Café – pronounced the French way, but completely different: “Corner” shop or superette where you can buy absolutely anything, except alcohol.

Charf: Flirt, e.g., Check that china charfing my chick.

E.g., She went bos when she saw what the muddy dog did to her white sofa.

Braai – brr-rye (roll that r): Barbecue, when women spend hours in the kitchen preparing salads, meat and puddings and men spend hours getting a fire just right so that they can cook the meat and give the women a “day off”.

Babelas – bubba-luss: Hangover, often the consequence of a really good braai.

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