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From his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan to his lucky underwear and love of vampires, he made it clear to us that he's quite a bit more… and even more dreamy than we had originally realized.

and I'm playing a terrible person and that scares me. So I've noticed that when luck seemed to shine on me from an early age, I was wearing these gray boxer briefs. Have there been any vampire representations you feel did it right? But I don't believe in the horoscope because I'm a Taurus so I'm stubborn. I specifically started doing it because when I tried to join SAG they said I couldn't because of the singer Josh Kelley. And I explained that to them and they said, "We don't go off of spelling, we go by sound." And I said, "Well, that is convenient because my name is Nicholas Kelly, J-O-S-H K-E-L-L-Y," and then they were like, "OK, Mr.

I'm getting ready to do a character in a short film … There's not a lot of things you can control with wardrobe, but your underwear normally you can get to choose. I kept getting really frustrated with vampire television and vampire movies because I felt like they weren't doing it right. Because I found out one of the key points in my show that I wrote before I'd ever heard of so I felt like maybe I shouldn't watch much of it because I'd feel like I'm stealing stuff from it. If they say they haven't then they're lying or they're much better men than I.

She also starred in the low budget slasher film Wishcraft. She appeared on Friends as Ross's girlfriend, Elizabeth Stevens.

Other TV roles include Ally Mc Beal, Tru Calling, Six Feet Under and Private Practice.

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I always want to be afraid of my next character and my next role. Honestly, I think it's because I've been writing a vampire TV show since I was a little kid and it frustrated me.

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