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Look, I’ve got nothing against their mean spirited ways, their villains I understand they have a job to do, it’s more WHO the villains are that I have a problem with.

Producers want drama, because how interesting to be a fly on the (kitchen) wall when it all comes to blows.

But when the characters we love to hate within said drama get typecast so narrowly, I can’t help but get bored.

And come to think of The Block, why hasn’t Dani of Dan and Dani made a return to our telly’s this year alongside her hubby?

Perhaps a woman running a worksite and delegating jobs is not as appeasing as a man with toned biceps and a cheeky grin to boot doing the same thing? Working in the media myself I know how to look for a story in everything you produce.

The couple walked hand-in-hand along Picadilly as thousands of shoppers watched them in shock.

They were reportedly followed by only one royal protection officer.

Now think of the baddies on the shows and who do you see in your minds eye? The past season’s alumni of trouble makers all happen to be bitchy white females between 20 to 30 and if you don’t believe me let’s trawl through the past few season’s worth shall we?

Well if the past few seasons are anything to go by, you’d be picturing nothing but women. Remember Ashlee and Sophia the NSW besties with a penchant for pot stirring more than just main course?

(Possible red flag: is a total Mummy’s boy) David (aka THE MODEL WANKER) – complete tosser, constantly talks about himself & the fact that he’s a model.

Sat inside sulking the entire time the rest of the Bachie boy’s were bonding. Michael (aka SOCCOR PLAYING RICHARD GERE) – um is it just me or is this guy basically a clone of a young Richard Gere?

Apart from his boring as fk monotone voice, I think he’ll get down to the last few.

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