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“The Agency is a tight-knit family, so ensuring that spouses and family members feel connected and well-informed is a priority,” Golson said, adding that in any organization, employees who face danger must deal with marital strains.

Through its Family Advisory Board and Employee Assistance Program, the CIA tries to do everything it can to help families, especially when a loved one is serving in a war zone, Golson said.

The agency provides counseling and mental health support for employees and their families and offers briefings for spouses and partners on the CIA’s mission, benefits and overseas security services.

Sarah Wood asks why 'when we can move more and see more than any other point in history... 'In a diaristic film that reflects on archives, surveillance and history making, Sarah Wood asks, 'We invented cinema, but in an age when we can move more and see more than any other point in history, why have we become so watchful and so performative?

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The Fredericksburg woman divorcing her husband laid out all the messy details, including the most secret of them all.

Her husband, she wrote in now-sealed court documents, is a covert operations officer for the Central Intelligence Agency.To this day I live with the physical scars from that incident.This was the same district attorney's office that had prosecuted me previously for crimes I described in my piece.One retired CIA senior paramilitary officer, who served for more than two decades and lives in Virginia, said he was told several years ago that the divorce rate for the agency’s operations division was astonishingly high. Hayden became the CIA’s director in 2006, he and his wife, Jeanine, also heard stories about many marriages falling apart in the clandestine service. “But privacy laws prevented us from getting accurate information,” said Hayden, who served as CIA director until early 2009.The officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect his family’s identity, said he asked the agency’s human resources office for the numbers in 2005 because he was managing a Middle East operations group and was worried about the post-Sept. When he learned how many marriages were imploding, he said, he urged his officers not to take back-to-back unaccompanied tours. “The real answer is we don’t know what is true about the divorce rate.” While plenty of CIA marriages last for decades, the agency acknowledges that its high-risk jobs “take a toll on relationships,” CIA spokesman Preston Golson said.There is no doubt that if they thought or even suspected that I had engaged in criminal conduct, I would have been the one on trial, not him. Nicosia’s email signature contained the address of Mediaite’s Soho office and a New York City telephone number; the voicemail greeting did not indicate who it belonged to.

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