Android phone not updating exchange calendar

Companion Link for android is another option ( and has a 14 date evaluation trial. I have not used this application either but I believe that there is a free trial that you can try out.You can also try syncing your calendar to Google calendar and then syncing your android phone to Google. ','':'Discussions','mobile.Review.button':'Post review','':'Search or ask a question','':'Links','mobile.plugin.welcome.header':'Welcome,','searchtips.period.text':'.','mobile.create.question.summary.error':'Question summary can not be empty','mobile.tooltip.title':'How to write a good question','':'Solved questions','':'Read all','mobile.plugin.agree.cancel':'Cancel','

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If you are trying to synchronize with your desktop Microsoft Outlook program, the best solution is probably one of the paid desktop solutions.

In the past, I have used missing sync for android ( I did get it to work but it was “flaky” on install and initial setup. The third that I can refer you to is Android-sync (

I managed to stop this, and "delete all" entries from the Calendar, but no it isn't doing anything at all. I checked the settings, and Exchange is the default account. I even tried wiping the phone and restoring from backup, but of course the problem still exists.

I would have restored it back to i OS 7, but that backup is long gone (since i Tunes seems to only keep one revision back in backups). My issue is that any calendar event created IN i Phone (I have 6 ) does not migrate to my Exchange or my Macbook air.

Until recently, Google did provide an Outlook solution but that has been closed. You can search google “outlook google calendar sync” for various solutions.

The one that I currently use is g Syncit ( which is a Outlook add-in that will synchronize calendars, contacts, notes and tasks.

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This is what I do since my personal situation is further complicated by the fact that I need to additionally synchronize a Mac Book calendar to android and Microsoft Outlook.

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