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The Housing Benefit (Abolition of the Family Premium and date of claim) (Amendment) Regulations (NI) 2016 will reduce the backdating period for Housing Benefit claims from six months to one month and will remove the family premium for new claimants.

These changes come into effect on 5th September 2016.

TIP #2: While you CAN backdate to 1981, I don’t recommend it, because you clearly didn’t post something in 1981.

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Claimants should always make a claim for Housing Benefit at the earliest opportunity, to ensure that their rent liability is met.

However, there will be times when this is not possible.

Now, every time you think about Facebook you get stressed out and are ever so close to just shutting it down. This is all too common for small businesses (and even large) who don’t have someone on staff dedicated to social media and communications. At this time, Facebook is the only social media platform that allows you to backdate new posts. If you’ve ever scheduled a Facebook post for the future, backdating is similar… It can cover your behind if you forgot a major holiday, national event, or employee’s birthday.

(Create a new post / Click the clock icon / Click “Schedule post” / Choose “Backdate post” / Add year / Add month / Add day / Post) TIP #1: Facebook was founded in February of 2004, so it doesn’t make sense to backdate before, or too close to, February 2004.

This significant new piece of legislation will add further amendments to the Housing Benefit (NI) Regulations 2006.

The 2006 Regulations are the main regulations to refer to when dealing with Housing Benefit matters.Improving the money management and financial capability skills of clients is a 1 day course running on the 8th September in our office in Belfast.Further information on these changes is available in Housing Law in Practice NI.Jacob “Kobi’ Alexander, a fugitive technology executive who spent a decade in Africa rather than face criminal charges in a stock-options backdating scandal, pleaded guilty Wednesday to securities fraud in Brooklyn, N. After a contentious hearing largely focused on whether Mr. The majority of companies that improperly backdated stock options never were caught by regulators or confessed to the practice, according to a new academic study. You continue to have your full legal rights to appeal your rating assessment.

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