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It has not been easy for this year you have my dear guests Displayed great ingenuity.

Ladies and gentlemen our three judges have now chosen among the many festive and colorful costumes.

Prepare for your upcoming concert by practicing your guitar skills, earn money by working in shops, and find love among the stars around you.

You have 30 days to spend and build relationships with up to 5 unique characters.

This folder is for any game that contains a gating aspect, usually as a self-insert game or also known as a reader insert.

Often there will be multiple characters you can date and usually the mechanics involve increasing a stat or conversing with a character for a long period of time to build relationship points.Chrono Days Sim Date ; Chrono Days Sim Date, Play Chrono Days Sim Date game, Flash Games Chrono Days Sim Date Don’t play this if it’s not your kind of thing, durp. Date up to eight different characters (7 guys, 1 girl) 4 of them like unlockable though. You are Pico, who is trying to win the love of the girl. This cute Flash game is easy to play and is sure to keep you entertained as you go on virtual dates and try to find true love.You can go on a variety of dates and even have to defeat some bad guys who are standing in your way. the original Pico Sim Date is another good place to start. We really think you're going to enjoy every aspect of this game.Note however that this is how only one of the many kinds of Dating Sim games function.

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