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When I walked around the older, redneck guy pressed up against me and told me I was looking good. so i sort of drift off from my friends as im dancing because the crowd sucked me... I spoke no Japanese and they spoke close to no English.

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I have seen my share of worried and anxious husbands and such. I love sex to be exciting and somewhat dangerous, and throughout my life, I have had a lot of fun experiences.

I did happen to notice an extremely sexy man pacing up and down the hall in...

This Halloween, my boyfriend and I took his kid sister trick or treating.

All was going well, until I REALLY had to go to the bathroom.

I told my boyfriend, and he told me to ask the next house we went to if I could use theirs. I had just dropped the kids off at school so I now had a choice, do housework or enjoy the day.

We came up to a small house with a little porch and... I decided that I would put my hair up into a french plait and put a skirt on, along with a light top, ankle socks and... I was pretty drunk and was working on catching a buzz when the guy I'd seen hitting on this sophomore came up and poured me a shot (like he was James Bond or something).She had her first squirting ******, anal, and first one night stand. I was at the Circle K one night about 2 am, drunk, high, and feel great.I had to pee so I used their bathroom in the back of the building. I meet people, and I always wonder what's in they're pants and what they can do with it. I'm such a ****, but I love it, and other people just thing it's ******* amazingly awesome that I can come clean... i went to a club with some friends, we got drunk before hand because clubs wont let 18 year olds drink lol, and got down with the dancing and all that jazz. It was winter break, and I had decided that it might be fun to take a train from the Midwest... One that has always stuck with me was from my freshman year at college.After him hitting on me and me saying I was disinterested he pulls the "oh you hate me" line. some mates when this woman came up to me and said something along the lines of " hey john wanna go out back and do it " I don't know why she called me John but I took her out back into my friends car she unzipped me I pulled her skirt up and managed to get one boob out and we...

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