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These characteristics were also connected to the signs of the zodiac.

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He wrote: "The term is beginning to carry an onerous connotation with the world at large because of the media's penchant for lumping Christian Fundamentalists in the same heap as Islamic Fundamentalists." He added, "The term now carries overtones of radicalism and terrorism" and said it "evokes fear, suspicion, and other repulsive connotations in its current usage." Dr.

Jones said he feels it is now time "to find an new label that will define us more positively and appropriately." It is sad that Jones not only proposed this move, but also provided inaccurate historical information as a basis for his proposal.

The goal of the cinematography and special effects was to captivate the audience, and in the process, the youths viewing the film were given a good dosage of a Stephen Spielberg/New Age type performance on the screen.

The pitiful thing was that this was supposed to be a recruiting film for a Bible college.

In other words, they cannot be trusted to do what they are created to do.

Therefore, BJU is wasting time, money, and people through using personality types and tests.(4) : The BJU Course Catalog lists 16 "courses of instruction" in its Psychology Department.One could substitute the name of any secular college in the country on the front of the Catalog, and the descriptions of the psychology courses would fit precisely. It's all part of the psychology of the Christian life" (Winter 1990, BJU Review, "Not Your Ordinary Shrink," pp. Other psychological evidences at BJU: (a) BJU Press's Show Forth video division has produced a highly psychological 2-hour video titled "Scriptural Principles for Counseling the Abused" (1994). Bob Wood, a BJU faculty member specializing in "training ministerial students as biblical counselors." Wood is also an executive vice president in administration at BJU. Wood's video "presents biblical solutions for helping those who are struggling to overcome the pain of their past" (2/95, Frontline advertisement; and the Show Forth video jacket).The four temperaments represent, at the very least, an invalid psychological system and, at worst, an occult system.[BJU also offers a "Tests and Measurements" course (which teaches the use of personality tests) through its Psychology Department. Bob Jones III states that none of his colleagues at BJU has "a problem with the four temperaments," since "most of us agree that there are definite identifiable personality types" (personal letter on file).These extension ministries ." (Emphasis added.) Should a Christian's "soulwinning skills" include karate, and can that "skill" be used "to glorify God"?

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