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The second of three children born to Frank Thiessen, a park designer and his wife Robyn, a homemaker, Tiffani has two brothers. She attended Valley Professional High School in Long Beach, where in 1992, she was named class valedictorian.

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Tori and Dean Mc Dermott have four children, Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 4, and Finn, 3. The most spectacular castle stay from the 1700's and my babes show their amazing fashion flare and unique personalities shine!

Thanks @theborrowedboutique & continued love for @tutudumonde @bluponyvintage A photo posted by Tori Spelling (@torispelling) on “Ever since everything happened and we basically had to you know…deconstruct and rebuild our relationship to get back and further than where we were and move on.

We are still very close and good friends," she explained.

Thiessen also admitted that it was incredibly awkward filming her first onscreen kiss for the show—which was with Luke Perry and Green! Literally having your boyfriend on the show and then literally kissing another man, 'I get paid for this, honey.

“We were actually in Paris and we were with the whole family and my four kids were there and my husband actually re-proposed to me.” Originally, Dean wanted to propose at the landmark.

“We had tried to go to the Eiffel Tower several times…But every time we went there the lines were so long that he was like, ‘Oh my gosh.This is not going to work.’ So he found out about a restaurant that you can have a perfect view of it so we went there and he did it.” that she and Dean want to have a “family wedding” since they are now a complete family. They have memories from the wedding, they have photos but nothing to share with the children that involve, them. Tori and Tiffani “hugged at a picnic” and “she and Tori have mutual friends and it’s easier to get along.” Spelling admitted in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that the two are no longer close.Tori was asked about Thiessen, also known on the The tension between the two stars began in 2006 when Spelling, 43, cheated on her then-husband Charlie Shanian with Dean Mc Dermott, 49.The relationship eventually soured, but Thiessen was reluctant to discuss the specifics of the pair's clash."We had a falling-out and we grew apart… I was the one who was hurt, let's just say that. Stern pressed for further details, prompting Thiessen to reply: "It's funny, our relationship started really rough and ended the way it started."It's water under the bridge... I wish her well."Thiessen also revealed that her friendship with Tori Spelling ended when Spelling divorced ex-husband Charlie Shanian in 2006."It was a hard situation for everybody.

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