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It joined the European Union in 2013 and has made a strong transition to become a modern international city.

Rental legalities are fairly straightforward in Croatia.

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There are a number of pleasant places to live, with a city centre location particularly popular with expatriate singles and couples.

For expatriates with children, hilly areas such as Tuškanac, Šalata, Pantovčak on the southern slopes of the Medvednica Mountains are all upmarket neighbourhoods offering mainly single-family houses, although there are some apartments available.

Croatian unemployment rates are high at more than 20% with around 10% unemployment within Zagreb itself.

There may be some work in highly specialized professions, but in general employers prefer to hire locals rather than someone with limited or no knowledge of the Croatian language.

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Properties in these areas provide not only proximity to international schools and embassies, but also excellent views of Zagreb with forest surroundings.

The average rents in Zagreb are: 1-bedroom property: €500 2-bedroom property: €600 3-bedroom property: €900 Costs can be considerably higher for larger properties with outside space.

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One huge plus is that as the Zagreb international community is not as big as in some more cosmopolitan cities such as Paris or London, international schools don't tend to have waiting lists.

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