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Don’t give her the emotional burden of having to deal with that bullshit.

This is supposed to be a relationship vacation, where you are both spared the crappy parts that come with relationships and instead get to enjoy the sunny side of each other’s personalities.

By taking her out to nice dinners, buying her stuff and covering her side of finances, she may begin to get subconscious ideas you’re trying to court her.

So stop thinking that you’re important to this person. You have to be fine with being there for this person at 2AM when they’re mangled and just want someone to fuck away their loneliness.

So if you can’t accept that you are not a priority and only matter because you’re “around” and happen to have human genitals, then this relationship style is probably not for you.

I mean…you know you’re turning the corner in your courtship period when you’ve stopped banging with a buzz on.

Lets face it, drunken sex is much more animalistic, while sober sex is much more intimate and caring.

Now, in our technological-obsessed culture, we have to establish relationship boundaries not only in person, but through technology and how we interact with each other on the various platforms as well.

You should not talk to the person every single day in a casual relationship, but rather a couple of times a week to check in and see what they have planned coming up and when your next “hang out” will be able to slot in.

When you have drunk sex you fuck, but sober sex is where you make love or make like.

During drunk sex all we want to do is cum, while during sober sex all we want is for the other person to cum.

Besides, what are you going to say to your parents, “hey mom and dad this is the girl I’m banging on the side that I can’t commit to!

” The girl would have to be pretty dumb, naive, or not value herself to even want to be around your friends and family under those circumstances.

So you have to stay strong, fight against the pillow convos and keep your shit together, man.

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