Consolidating post offices 121 chat and date

means an action that converts a Postal Service-operated retail facility into a contractor-operated retail facility.

The resulting contractor-operated retail facility reports to a Postal Service-operated retail facility.

The District Manager should make sure that these officials are invited to submit written comments and suggestions as part of the record when the proposal is reviewed.

In addition, the following customers that receive delivery service from the USPS-operated retail facility must receive notification and questionnaires by mail: Customers in the delivery area of the same ZIP Code as the retail facility under study, regardless of whether the delivery carriers for those customers are stationed out of the retail facility under study or out of a nearby facility; and Wherever possible when an initial feasibility study is to be initiated under § 241.3(a)(5)(i)(B) (for example, when it is anticipated that a lease or rental agreement will be cancelled with no suitable alternate quarters available in the community), responsible personnel should initiate the initial feasibility study sufficiently in advance of the circumstance prompting the emergency suspension to allow a meaningful opportunity for public input to be taken into account.

If public input cannot be sought sufficiently in advance of the end date of the lease or rental agreement, responsible personnel should endeavor, to the extent possible, to continue operation of the USPS-operated retail facility for the duration necessary to gather public input and make a more fully informed decision on whether to proceed with a discontinuance proposal.

The classification of a Post Office as an RMPO is not a discontinuance action under this section.

(PTPO) is a Post Office that offers part-time window service hours, is staffed by a Postal Service employee, and reports to a district office.

In some cases, the ZIP Code originally assigned to the discontinued USPS-operated retail facility may be changed if the responsible District Manager receives approval from his or her Vice President, Area Operations, before any proposal to discontinue the USPS-operated retail facility is posted.

If all the delivery addresses using the city name of the USPS-operated retail facility being discontinued continue to use the same ZIP Code, customers may continue to use the discontinued facility's city name in their addresses, instead of that of the new delivering USPS-operated retail facility.

Customers formerly served by the suspended facility should receive notice under paragraph (a)(5)(iii) of this section, including by mail, to the same extent that they would have if the facility were not in suspended status at the time of the initial feasibility study, proposal, or final determination.

The ZIP Code for each address formerly served from the discontinued USPS-operated retail facility should be kept, wherever practical.

(RMPO) is a Post Office that offers part-time window service hours, is staffed by a Postal Service employee at the direction of a postmaster, and reports to an Administrative Post Office.

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