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You can check with your lender for further information, but some loans can be included while still within 180 days of being disbursed.

When you complete the consolidation process, it can not be undone.

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Once the funds for the consolidation loan have been disbursed it becomes your financial obligation.

Back To Top Consolidating your student loans provides you with many benefits including having one payment date each month.

This makes it easier to manage your loans since they may all have different payment dates and different payment plans.

A student loan consolidation may also allow you to switch from a variable rate loan to one that is fixed.

Typically, both will review the types of loans that you want to include to ensure that all are qualified to be included in a federal student loan consolidation or private student loan consolidation.

When you go through Direct Loan Servicing, your original loans need to be federally guaranteed and you have to have a history with them.

When going through the Department of Education Direct Loan Servicing, private loans can not be included in the consolidation.

When working with a private lender, other rules may apply but it may be easier to find a private lender who will include private and federally-funded student loans into one consolidated loan.

Find out all of the details and compare what may be lost in the process before completing your student loan consolidation.

Back To Top The steps you must follow when consolidating through Direct Loan Servicing (Department of Education) will differ from what is required by a private lender.

People who are working in the public sector or taking advantage of federal debt relief programs such as income-based repayment or public service forgiveness may not want to refinance, as these programs do not transfer to private refinance loans.

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