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The condition is hereditary but is often more complicated than the old idea that it passes from the maternal grandfather. THE VAMPIRE CUREThis is still in its infancy but research published this month showed that scientists in Italy and Israel could regrow hair on volunteers’ bald patches by injecting them with a solution derived from their own blood.

Research is continually being done into the condition but it is known to be caused when enzymes in the body convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT has an adverse affect on hair follicles on the head while often encouraging the growth of body hair.

Products that conceal hair loss include spray-on fibre treatments (such as Nanogen) which add artificial hairs to your thinning locks until washed out. TOUPEES Yes, hair pieces have a bad reputation and they can go flying off in the wind, but in recent years the quality has improved and they may be the only option for men who have gone completely bald and are self-conscious.

The best ones are made of a good microfibre or real hair and are generally attached with double-sided tape.

SHAMPOOS, CONDITIONERS AND CAMOUFLAGERS None of these will promote hair growth or reverse the process of going bald.

However, many high street brands and salons have “volume” ranges of shampoos and conditioners that plump up the hair and at least make it look thicker.

It works by blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT and is thought to be effective in around 68 per cent of men.

It stops further loss and in some cases helps the growth of new hair.

However, up to two per cent of men have reported side-effects including decreased libido. Originally a treatment for high blood pressure until it was noticed that those using the product began sprouting excess hair, it is now available over the counter as a foam or lotion.

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