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The Secret Service was called in to protect Senator David Palmer and his family when a serious threat was put on his life during Day 1.Palmer had left his hotel and was eventually found and brought back.As he returned to his room, an agent informed Palmer that Agent Aaron Pierce urgently wanted to speak to him.

Agent John reassigned Rayburn's computer to another staffer, while this agent escorted him to the President's office.

Vice President Jim Prescott announced at the 25th Amendment meeting that the military planes that had been ordered to strike three Middle Eastern countries were in a holding pattern refueling and that it would be necessary to give the order soon if the government wanted them to resume the attack.

He asked what the purpose was for Carson's visit while he checked to see if Carson's hi-lighter pens and tape recorder worked normally.

The agent detected nothing abnormal and sent Carson in.

The suitcase, and even the specific items that the agent searched, were all part of a carefully disguised bomb-making kit.

Pollock and Carson then proceeded with an assassination attempt on President Wayne Palmer.Keith's sister Nicole distracted the agent by claiming that she heard a clicking sound on the telephone which might be bugged.The agent said he would help, and as he went off to check it out, Keith slipped out of the suite.Later, the agent accompanied David Palmer to the Santa Clarita Power Plant where he was giving a breakfast speech.Later, at pm, Keith planned to meet with Carl Webb outside the hotel.After verifying her documents, he let Chloe through.

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