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More intense hurricanes, rainfall, and landslides are all threatening the island’s tourism sector as well.

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For fishermen trying to make a living and the rural poor who rely on this industry for food, the future of fishing resources looks grim.

In other countries, the lucrative banana industry is under assault.

The latest report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) paints a dire picture: climate change is here to stay, and we’re not doing enough to prepare ourselves.

Extreme weather events from hurricanes to floods and droughts will leave virtually no corner of our planet untouched.

In 2007, Hurricane Dean ripped through the island, decimating the vital industry.

On Christmas Eve, 2013, a day meant for shopping and preparing for the upcoming major holiday, Dominicans awoke to heavy rains that caused massive flooding and landslides throughout the island.

With sandy beaches, sapphire blue waters, exotic plants, and colorful marine life, many countries in the region rely on booming tourism sectors.

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