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Dozens of partygoers, some unable to stand or speak, had to helped home by their friends.One million revellers lined the streets of London to watch the spectacular fireworks display and celebrate the arrival of 2017.All advertising content must be appropriate for a general audience and must comply with all laws and rules and regulations that apply to the advertiser, the advertising content, and any location where the advertisements may appear.

Which makes sense when, you know, you’re *dating* the lead singer.

Though the couple have yet to confirm the romance, Annabelle has been spotted out with Chris Martin since early 2016, and raves about the singer’s music on her social media feeds.

A total of 12,000 fireworks (left) painted the night sky of London during the Mayor's showcase display on the banks of the River Thames.

Some of the stars the world lost in 2016 were honoured during the 12-minute spectacle, as Bowie, Prince and the Two Ronnies, which included the late Ronnie Corbett, featured in the soundtrack.

Millions of party-goers packed out pubs and clubs, with some braving freezing temperatures, and one girl in Sheffield even flashing her breast at the camera.

However, as Britons waved goodbye to 2016, there were some unsavoury scenes, with one shirtless man seen kicking another man lying in a gutter in Manchester.There had been panic all day when the star's team appeared not to be aware of the world renowned ball-dropping ceremony. Amid all the diva drama, New Year's Eve revellers - many donning oversized 2017 eyeglasses and green Statue of Liberty hats - filled the iconic square on Saturday hours before the glittering crystal ball was to drop.When producers asked what time she would arrive, Carey's people replied, 'What time exactly does the ball drop? Officials estimated as many as a million celebrants would descend upon the Crossroads of the World, braving cold temperatures and strong winds to ring in the New Year amid heavy police protection.Amazon requires that advertisers and their agency partners review their advertising creative with the following guidelines in mind before submitting for approval. As part of our commitment to provide the highest quality customer experience, we may not accept ads containing certain content, or relating to certain offers, products or services.Mariah Carey lashed out during her botched New Year's Eve performance, after the wrong lip-sync track played when she took the stage.Revellers were also seen fighting in Swansea as some celebrations turned ugly.

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