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Truly a masterpiece that symbolizes what shoujo manga can and should be about. Basara / 7 Seeds 幻海奇情 by Tamura Yumi is one of the most harrowing and soul-rending mangas I have ever read.

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This was the manga which turned me into a manga addict.

I wrote an entire post about it here, so I shant repeat myself again.

I’ve read both shonen (boys) and shoujo (girls) mangas, though my list is skewered predominantely towards shoujo (as if my Hello Kitty affliction doesn’t give my girly preferences away).

I have decided not to rank the mangas, but have merely compiled the best of the best, with a blurb about each story to whet your appetites.

likely changed the lives of many a girl (and guy) who read the manga and/or watched the anime during the formative years of their childhood.

Heck, it’s theme song shows up randomly in dramas from time to time.If the story sounds interesting, I highly suggest you read the more detailed synopsis on Wikipedia.If available, I’ve included the Japanese, English and Chinese titles of each manga for ease of reference, since it’s title may be different depending on which language is the source of your manga crack. Glass no Kamen (The Glass Mask ) 千面女郎 by Miuchi Suzue One of the longest running mangas of all time, serialized starting in January of 1976 and still going on today, now up to 44 tankobon (individual) an epic theatrical saga of a young girl named Maya who is an acting savant.Her desire, dedication, and innate talent takes her on a journey from minor actress to one of the leading stage performers of her time.My favorite segments are when teenage Maya and Ayumi do alternate-night performances as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker and later when Maya and Ayumi are cast respectively as the angelic younger princess and the dark and tormented elder princess in the national production of The Two Princesses.

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