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People-pleasers have toxic amounts of shame covered by being well-liked. Kelly Bryson over at Nonviolent Communication has a superb article to help people-pleasers that you can read here.

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A failure to express their point of view occurs outside of conflict – it is frequent in conversations and social interactions.

When they are asked what they’d like, where they want to go, or what they want to do, they passively respond: “I’m happy with whatever you want”.

What appears “nice” transforms into a habitual communication and behavioral problem that sucks the life from the person and his relationships.

It’s no wonder people struggle to learn assertive communication skills.

An adult observing the girl tells her she is nice for not doing anything and making the bully angry.

A student sits in the classroom, not answering any questions.

There are benefits to passive behavior and communication that make it a problem in families, the workplace, and other interactions.

I want to share with you the deep reasons behind why people avoid “sticking up for themselves” and many other passive behaviors in this article.

A habitual crier can be more manipulative than an aggressor.

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