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Cast iron cookware books and catalog reprints Compiled October, 2003, by Steve Stephens BOOKS 1. Prices are included but seem to be high compared with what the pans are actually selling for. Suffers from poor layout and terminology along with having a lot of mistakes. It has been reprinted several times with different cover colors. Includes Extra Finished Cast Iron Cooking Utensils, Mail Boxes, Hinged Cover and Hammered Cast Iron, Chrome and Silverlike Cast Iron, and Iron Mountain Cast Iron Utensils.

The Book of Griswold & Wagner by David Smith and Chuck Wafford, Schiffer Publishing, 1995. That does not distract from this book which has 353 clear photographs of all the pans plus line drawings showing markings of all the 226 variations. The photos are not crisp like the books listed above. Griswold Extra Finish Cast Iron Cooking Utensils, Mail Boxes, Food Choppers.

Schiffer 8 1/2 by 11 Hard Cover , 320 pages, 915 photos and 66 drawings. This catalog is still available from another source and in better quality. Illustrations include such rare pieces as coal shovels, fireplace sets, stove pipe shelves, cuspidors, copy press, umbrella stands, gem pans, etc..

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This was the first book on Griswold and was referred to as "The Bible". Contains the following bulletins: A-5 Cast Aluminum Ware, E-3 Extra Finished Iron Hollow Ware, W-4 Waffle Irons, D-3 Dampers and Stove Hardware, K-3 Household Hardware Specialties (food choppers, sad irons, etc.), R-4 Gas Ranges-Hot Plates-Heaters.

With nothing else written it was a great book to have back then. This is an excellent catalog reprint with a lot of information.

The Wagner Manufacturing company began making cookware in 1891 in Sidney, Ohio.

Today, collectors prize Wagner cast iron frying pans, Dutch ovens and bakeware for both its beauty and durability.

GENERAL TIPS FOR IDENTIFICATION Does the skillet have any markings on it at all?

The Internet has opened up a myriad of ways to identify cast iron.

However, it, too, has a number of mistakes and strange values given for some items.

Reprinted many times, it was recently available and may still be. Shown on the bright red cover is an ERIE Skillet Clock..50 from David Smith The Pan Man 8. 300 Years Of Kitchen Collectibles by Linda Campbell Franklin, Books Americana, 1991.

Antique Iron, Identification and Values by Kathryn Mc Nerney, Collector Books, 1984. Written in a strange style, many mistakes, I still recommend this book for its numerous photographs of all kinds of household cast iron - not just iron cookware to which about 60 pages are devoted. Now in its greatly expanded 5th Edition of 2003 that must contain about 900 pages. Loaded with photos, illustrations, information, prices, etc. It has a letter to its customers about the purchase of John Savery's Son & Co. Also lists other items purchased from this transaction and includes Square and Oval Waffle Irons, Oblong Griddles, Coffee Roasters, Export Hollow-Ware, Charcoal Furnaces, Solder Pots, ash Pit Mouths, Polished Iron Mortars, Etc.

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