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I'm gonna go ahead and post them as they come to me. So, I'm gonna stop lying and just commit to posting when I can. But I wish I could’ve been more supportive of her decision. So, my thought is that any man worth his salt who even remotely meets the standards that women have set for being “eligible” won’t need the assistance of the internet to find a date. Women have overwhelmed the registration for the event while men are elusive. While women who bring a lot more to the table than this are sitting around twiddling their thumbs on any given Friday or Saturday night.

I should hold back and just post one every week and then at least I could be consistent, but... I listed as she explained why she had decided to go that route and I actually provided her with some pretty sound advice on the issue. And, if they want to become involved in a relationship, it’s really rather easy for them to meet a very deserving woman just by walking out of their front door. Around this town, a guy can trip over 10 beautiful, successful, educated, witty, and VERY SINGLE women just going from his house to the grocery store. And all these women are looking for the same (or similar) type of man. maybe I should add single, but then again, for some women that is not a requirement (shocking! Any man who meets these minimum requirements probably has at least two women in the queue.

That said, men will be men: only 45% of men actually want a serious relationship compared to 65% of women; moreover, 29% of men are primarily looking to “hook up” versus only 8% of women.

* 1986 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, lives in Cluj-Napoca Mihuț Boșcu Kafchin studied from 2005 until 2010 at the University for Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca.

Like a number of artists has Mihuț Boșcu Kafchin in the former Paint-Brush-Factory in Cluj-Napoca a studio.

When asked what they thought the main goal is for the majority of people using online dating services, 38% of men said it was for hooking as did 34% of women.

Safety was a concern to some respondents – less than half (45%) feel like online dating services are relatively safe; however, that number climbs to 65% among those who have actually used a dating site.

I mean, I’m 30 fucking years old with no man in sight! It gives you an opportunity to make contact with a potential suitor… For instance, maybe your soul mate lives in Philadelphia and you live in Atlanta. section of the Washington Post Express, which is where the paper publishes wedding announcements. But the thing is, most of the people that publish their announcements in B. Especially after she started sharing some of the messages she was receiving. Like I said, in theory, internet dating is AWESOME. Just in case you were wondering, J-Date is a dating website that pairs up Jewish singles. My colleague who’s a few years younger than me met her fiance on J-Date. But unfortunately, as soon as sites pop up, they become hoodielicious (a word from my good friend) and or slutted out with people posting half-naked pictures and making open propositions about random sexual encounters. It has become a thugged out haven for illiterates and semi-professional prostitutes. It started off pretty well, but as I was helping my homegirl sift through profiles on that site, I realized that none of the decent looking me on the site knew how to spell. I guess that’s okay because it’s actually not one of the eligibility requirements I outlined above. And, I’m not one of those people who believe that there are no “good” black men out there.

*sigh*I guess that’s the same feeling (or something similar) that my homegirl was feeling when she notified me that she was going to start actively participating in online dating.

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Doc Cole was a 39-year-old Army combat medic serving at an Iraqi Police Station.

During his tenure there, he treats multiple wounds, fights with the Army Medical Station for support and supplies, and relays a day by day account of blood, sweat, tears, and the ultimate triumph and tragedy of the human spirit.

Small sketchbooks accompany him the whole day and getting filled with drawings for an endless number of ideas and concepts.

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