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The tools in Double Your Dating are valuable, only if used right.As for beginners, this book is going to help you make strides.

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As a matter of fact, David De Angelo reminds me of another David, Wygant, because they are both straight-forward teachers.

Confidence is a huge root in their teachings and it makes Double Your Dating and easy read.

This will be an easy read and very simple to implement into your dating arsenal.

Another beneficial trait that David De Angelo possesses is his focus on stuff like confidence and mentality.

I noticed myself back when I was a novice that Double Your Dating had more of a natural approach with meeting women, rather than getting too scientific and theory-based as the Mystery Method/Venusian Arts products.

Although this may be one of the more seasoned dating products on the market, there is a reason David De Angelo’s Double Your Dating ebook is still relevant.

I do like the cocky/funny topic that David De Angelo emphasizes in Double Your Dating.

This method can be pretty powerful, however I think with how much dating science has evolved, there are a lot of changes that need to be made to this area of the book.

I would recommend not using Double Your Dating as your main source for developing your dating life.

Like stated before, Double Your Dating will give you beneficial dating tips, but also provides outdated methods.

I think all the concepts in the book are extremely valuable if you use them right.

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