Dynamics ax updating number sequence

For example, sales order number SO-0010 can be used in each company and will still be unique due to the unique Company ID that precedes it.

These Number Sequences are setup for legal entities.

Once the number sequence is setup we have to specify the scope.

Without modifying Customer creation to use a number sequence in a specific company, you can share the value across all companies.

If the Number Sequence is still visible in the parameter form, or Step 2 was executed before Step 1, an additional step is needed.

The behavior of a number sequence is similar to primary key in a relational database.

But it has more advance features that we do not have in primary keys like custom format, scoping etc.

How to mark a given number as used in a Number Sequence when this number was not generated by the number sequence?

Let's consider I imported the first 10 records of a custom table and the file already specified its ID from 01 to 10, then i want to intercept insert() mark the given number as used so that after importing, the first manually created record will assign ID 11.

Below is the list of scopes available in Dynamics AX 2012 R2.

The number sequences in dynamics is generated by Shared scope is applicable to all the shared tables, for example Purchase Requisition, Products, etc.

A Reference is the record that requires number sequences in dynamics as an identifier.

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