Expat dating in netherlands dating haitian women

You don’t need his community to know to enjoy that happiness.Post a Reply Hi SGMar Thanks for your lovely reply. Before I address your message, may i ask first, are you or your husband Sri Lankan?I agree my man is protecting us from the "interference", also I feel he may be totally shunned, and his whole infastructure and life ruined if anyone found out.

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If he is married, I know it must be an arranged marriage, bcoz he so UNHAPPY before he meet me, and he been starved of affection and sexual pleasure.

So you know, he is of the Tamil culture, and a Roman Catholic.

I would say that your guy is probably protecting your relationship from all the interfering and from his family and friends destroying his peace of mind and yours, and destroying the happiness he has found with you.

Take it from me, it’s often best that way – the minute everyone knew my partner and I were married was really the end of our happiness, they destroyed his peace of mind, he felt he had to keep everyone happy, his mother screamed and shouted at me – I was treated like a witch.

So I ask anyone who know out there, do Sri Lankan families conduct arranged marriages, and will they shun and cut off the person in the marriage if that person meets someone new, especially of a different race?

He runs his own little shop, but does not own it, is he worried family will take away everything if they find out about us? Post a Reply hiwell, i think you've stumbled upon a very common occurance. true love does change things and make people do things quite the contrary.Learn More Get a Quote Hey 2souls39I have been in a similar situation to you..even got married and tried to hide that from his family for a while, but when the news got out all hell broke loose!!Many people in this culture have very set ideas about what is good for their family/friends future.It may seem strange, but, what we may call ‘interference’ is actually a way of family and friends showing love.But what it means in reality is that for a person to do what they really want (if it is outside of the norms), they often have to keep it a secret from everyone (not just in love, but in careers, hobbies too).He is happy for me to tell my parents, but he wants no one of his culture to know about us.

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