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In the silverface era Eminence, Oxford, Utah and Rola were more often used and Jensen was phased out.

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A guitar neck could have been produced in 1956, then slapped onto a body in 1957 and if late enough in the year pickups may have been put in early 1958.

The best option for getting a close production date is to remove the neck from the body.

We base our price estimates on real world transactions and record them in our entries so you can see what your instrument has sold for in the past.

Since 1946, Fender amplifiers have been championed and trusted for their remarkable functionality and versatility, and continuously praised by the world's most legendary and iconic players for their pristine clarity.

There are also exceptions to the rules where Fender delivered non-standard speakers in special orders, Christmas campaigns etc. See our Buyer’s guide to vintage Fender amps for a guide and picture gallery of the known original speakers in the blackface and silverface amps.

You may compare these with your own speakers to determine what you have.

Fender dropped the broadcaster name at the request of Gretsch, which had been selling a “Broadkaster” drum kit since 1948.

In the early ’50s, television was the big thing in the U.

The color was originally a two color sunburst pattern, although custom color guitars were produced.

Nobody could have foreseen then how the Stratocaster would go on to revolutionize popular music.

Over the years Fender used modular production techniques that may have resulted in a guitar that has parts from one year to another.

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