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George tries to use a picture of a model from a magazine to get back into the club, but his plan is foiled when he accidentally confronts exactly the same model from the magazine picture and gets kicked out.

Jerry gets a date with a woman, Donna Chang, who due to a technical fault with the telephone lines is getting all of George's calls.

He thinks she's Chinese but soon realizes that's not the case.

Jerry becomes bored at home, now that Kramer is "working", Elaine is always hanging out with Kevin and his friends Gene and Feldman (Bizarro versions of George and Kramer, respectively), and George only comes to him when he wants something.

By the end of the episode, Kramer gets fired by Leland (despite the fact that Kramer doesn't really work at Leland) because of his shoddy work ("It's almost as if you have no business training at all").

The character "Man" listed in the credits as Jack Tracy refers to the man smoking in the Chinese restaurant who has one small line - "You mind?

" The man in the cape is indeed Larry David, however none of his parts in Seinfeld (various voices, man in cape, newsstand cashier, Steinbrenner, etc.) are ever credited to him or anyone else.This episode is famous for introducing the phrase "man-hands".David Mandel wrote the episode in response to his girlfriend ending their long-distance relationship.Jerry wants to be "just friends" with Gillian, who does not take too well to the idea.While trying to get another picture of her from her purse for George, she grabs Jerry's wrist (which Jerry later describes as almost ripping his arm right out of the socket).Elaine finds that Kevin..his friends are like a weird mirror group to her friends.

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