Girls rules about dating guys

Even if you do fumble, put on a genuine smile of shyness, this always helps.Start with a casual "Hi", and begin talking, but be very brief.It's OK if you make the first move to talk, girls always like guys who make the first move.

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Instead, give genuine compliments to her and always be yourself.

Women will hate you if they find out that you are not what you really are.

Maintain score against all the following points and rest assured, you will win her over.

Great Presentation This is a very important rule in the dating world. Before you know it, she has already made a mental assessment of you and rated you against all pointers.

Properly dateable boys must like at least one of the following: Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, John Green, A Very Potter Musical, Dr. (This rule came from basically every girl out there, but especially , you should NEVER, ever, ever make mean, rude, or insensitive comments when a girl breaks into song.

Especially if that comment should be a criticism of her taste in music.This means, if your previous dates were not successful, try to analyze things and figure out what went wrong. Once you find a strategy that does work, stick to it.says it is a basically a bad idea to date Voldemort, or anyone without a nose. The Disney Rule: Never make fun of a girl for watching Disney movies. And it's a problem that you certainly shouldn't voice.Things like where should you take her, what should you talk about, will she enjoy her time with you or not, and many other things.Now, remember, the first date is very important, this meeting will decide whether you will meet her again or not. Especially if that girl happens to be: If you don't like what you see when she's not wearing make up, then that's your problem.

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