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You’ll find my short story “Artie’s Angels” inside, along with stories by Steven King, George R. In other news, my editor at Desert Moon Press, who has been ailing for some time, has recovered enough to resume work on “The Aztec Eagle” (formerly “The Crystal Desert”). Speaking of which, I should get to work on the latest files she sent me. You can probably hear me crowing all the way to Mexico!This novella was initially supposed to be a second novel with the characters from “Beyond the Gates,” but when the publisher dropped me, I scaled the idea back to novella length.It’s been kicking around in my files file for more than ten years, and I finally polished it up and sent it off.

The time of the movement was measured using electromyogram electrodes on their wrist and the start of the readiness potential in their motor cortex by an electroencephalogram.

The moment at which they consciously decided to move was measured using a spot revolving on a screen, and they had to say after the movement where the spot was at the moment of willing.

We hoped it would be available this fall, but it looks like early 2016 for that.

Still waiting to hear when “Builders of Leaf Houses” will run in Analog. Coming on May 1, the reprint and ebook versions of “Beyond the Gates” from Desert Moon Press!

Yes, there are places in Arizona that are balmy during the summer months, such as Payson (tucked under the Mogollon Rim), Prescott (The Mile High City), Flagstaff (7000 ft.) and even Sedona (where Oak Creek Canyon provides shade).

We visited a number of local breweries and wineries along our way, hiked and exercised enthusiastically, and I’m finishing up the season only a couple of pounds heavier.

I regret to report that I will not be at Tus Con this year, as I have a conflict.

But I’ll be thinking of my fans when Halloween rolls around–no one does costumes like the folks at Tus Con! I also regret that the re-issue of “The Aztec Eagle” (parts 1 & 2) has been delayed.

The results showed that brain activity began nearly half a second before the will to move.

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