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If you are travelling abroad and thinking of meeting international singles you might want to know what to wear on a first date.This article looks at how fashion trends alter in different countries and what different cultures find more attractive sartorially.

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If you are going on a date with an Italian women take time over your appearance.

Italian women are not impressed with men who wear trainers and t-shirts.

Once in Rome, I managed to find a house-share with 30-year-old Matteo.

He proved to be a funny and honourable guide, offering invaluable advice when he heard about my catalogue of disastrous encounters with Italian flirts.

Japanese girls are generally very shy and don’t like to wear anything that is too tight or revealing.

If you are going on a date in Japan don’t wear anything that shows the outline of your figure.

Women, dig out your favourite outfit or that signature little black dress and men, remember that shoes can be a deal-breaker!

For more tips on fashion and dating check out e Harmony UK’s Twitter Page.

In preparation for my move to research Italian cinema, I scoured adverts for a room to rent.

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