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There's a second room for hip-hop, and usually the entire place is ram-packed from Thursday to Saturday, whilst Goraczka next door plays cheesy party music and is lively every night of the week, even on Sundays (and if all the good girls are at church that leaves only the bad girls, right? Whereas you can enjoy full-scale carnage at any of the above if (like the author of this guide!

) you are a something of a 'club snob', then don't despair - there are a few genuinely great places in Krakow hosting serious music nights for the more discerning party-goer.

If Krakow isn't short of a bar or two (about two hundred in total by all accounts), then you don't have to go very much further to find a club.

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One such cellar bar (or 'piwnice' as they are known in Polish) is Piec Art.

These types of places attract a young academic crowd, relatively free of tourists, and are great places to savour a pre-club beer and build up the excitement before the carnage begins in earnest. If though you prefer something a little less studenty and a bit more swanky, then Boogie Bar and Shakers Club are the upmarket joints that are aimed at the money crowd.

There are hundreds of places besides those mentioned here to try out and we suggest you use our pub and caf directory to get a fuller flavour of what's for you.

We are just the few and you are the many, so don't let your opinions of a venue you have visited go to waste.

Needless to say that if you feel differently please keep us informed by posting a review! Shame on you, but fear not - when the thought of yet another night of 130bpm blasted at your poor lugholes gets too much, then you can visit one of Krakow's 'alternative' venues, for 'alternative' people.

Carpe Diem I and II and the Tower Pub dish up the metal to the rock kids; and, if you want a truly Polish experience, check out a ragga party at Art Klub Bledne Kolo, which by the way also hosts some pretty wild electro parties, normally on Saturdays.And where can you sample this heady and hedonistic brew?There's no better place to start than in Krakow's splendid Old Town where, underneath a faade of ancient architecture, are housed countless dens of vice and inequity all eager to cater for your ill-advised pleasure.' doesn't guarantee the same sort of success that it does in the tackier joints around the Old Town.One more thing you should remember about Krakow's nightlife is that it is heavily influenced by the seasons.As summer rolls on and the Polish students finish their exams and jet off to man the bars of London and Dublin, or to venture even further afield, the scene will change considerably.

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