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But be quick if you find someone, because these attractive models are always busy entertaining men from all over the world.No other site has so many sweet models as we do, you can see the girls are really some of the best there are.Having flown 24 bombing missions over Nazi occupied Europe since it's first bombing run on November 7, 1942 over the city of Brest France this if successful, it's 25th bombing run, would be the planes and crews ticket out of WWII.

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Back on the ground there was another drama played out with officer Col. Derringer, John Lithgow, the US public relation officer who seemed too eager to reward the "Memphis Belle" crew with honors and glory even before they successfully finished their 25th mission.

Harriman, David Strathaim, who sent out the "Memphis Belle" and the other 23 B-17's of his bomber squadron on their mission over Bremen Germany. Not realizing that he was making the bombers crew and Col.

If they complete their next mission successfully, they will be the first Army Air Corps B-17 Crew to complete their tour of duty. Derringer's plan is against the wishes of the base commander, Col.

Craig Harriman, who would prefer to treat the ten as any of his other hard working men.

The crew of the "Memphis Belle" were just as normal and scared as anyone of us would be if we were in the same situation that they were in.

But it was that very fear that brought the best in strength and courage out of them and made them the hero's that they eventually became.

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