what to do for dating violence - Men dating rules

If you thought the bills on your first date are on you and that you need a full wallet when you step out with her, well think again!

Being honest with her about who you are, what you do for a living and sharing the little things always lay a firm foundation for a strong relationship, no matter how advanced or sophisticated you are.

Yes, you love football or baseball and have fun watching the match with your buddies.

So avoid checking the score frequently when you are out on a date as it will ruin the moment in record time.

Men, we live in the 21st century, so to keep your woman interested, stop turning into a one-man circus show.

Forget about being old fashioned and going Dutch – dating is not the same game it used to be!

So if you have been off your game lately, you might want to spend a couple minutes and equip yourself with the latest dating rules for men before you step out into the bold, beautiful dating world. It’s not just the size of your mobile phone that has changed, but the trends and the dating rules for men too.

A new pair of shoes, a great shirt and trousers and some cologne can work wonders on your first date.

There is nothing more welcoming than a decent and clean man in a woman’s world!

Messaging is the best way of staying in touch, even if she isn’t available.

Texting is also a safe way to talk if you both feel awkward on actual phone calls, and it can be used as an ice-breaking therapy.

If you have your favorite player’s name or number tattooed on your hands or back, then we have a problem to sort out.

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