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While Jenny Mc Carthy went on to fabulous fame, Jim Carrey, and dispersion of questionable anti-inoculation propaganda, Chris Hardwick certainly took a quieter route in performing near-unknown stand up comedy and maintaining his blog The Nerdist. The premise of the show involved 50 preselected young men and 50 preselected young women respectively vying for a date with single female and male contestants.His current picture is notably more studly and I actually consider his blog fairly entertaining, but I find it difficult to read more than a few sentences without stopping myself and thinking, "Wait, the guy from Singled Out is writing this? Prior to the show, these 100 guys and gals each filled out questionaires, the answers from which would either propel them to last-round fame or banish them to early-elimination obscurity.Over the years, MTV has been a hub for everything from music videos to its own award shows, but there is no denying their ’90s programming was pure perfection.

For any of you who grew up as fans of ABC's Friday night TGIF programming block, this one's for you.

In a late episode of Boy Meets World, Eric actually appeared as a somewhat dishonest contestant on a college edition MTV's Singled Out.

The clip even features the real Chris Hardwick, who makes a few cracks about his and Eric's ubiquitous 90s parted haircuts.

The actual show pulled in some major guest stars as well.

With this decade recently being so celebrated by millennials, and bringing back fond memories to those who were living their awkward phase during that time, it’s only fitting to take a look back on the shows which made MTV mint and deserve a reboot in 2015. Quite possibly the raunchiest, dirtiest cartoon of its time, Beavis and Butt-Head were those guys in high school who sat in the back of the classroom when they weren’t doing time in detention.

How did people ever find true love before the handy advent of at-home internet dating?

Once revealed, the show awarded the new couple with some semi-lame but admittedly free prize date package, and the potential young lovebirds were sent on their way.

To illustrate, I was planning to present a clip from the original show but was then struck by a far superior idea.

The initial categorical round was followed up by what I like to call the "humiliate yourself to win the affection of another"/"reply to any questions in a determinedly sexual manner" round (more officially known as the "keep 'em or dump 'em round).

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