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Switzerland’s penchant for direct democracy has trumped its tolerance for tycoons. It had backed a “counter-initiative” giving shareholders more voting powers without threatening criminal sanction. The new law, which will be written into the constitution, endangers Switzerland as an investment destination, the business lobby claims.

Economiesuisse, the Swiss Business Federation, now accepts the popular verdict but warns that such complex and highly charged changes must be implemented carefully.

It is basic nutritional information that all pet food manufacturers should make readily available.

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Animal protein is more expensive than plant protein, fat, and carbohydrate sources (grains, potatoes, and vegetables).

Therefore, there are not many diets on the market that mimic the above composition - except for the favorable water content found in all canned, not dry, foods.

He has apparently never forgiven Swissair for backing out of a contract when it nearly went bankrupt 12 years ago and then awarding its former boss a big pay-off.

Mr Minder’s campaign gained momentum last month on news that Novartis, a Swiss drug firm, intended to pay its departing chairman, Daniel Vasella, a severance package of SFr72m ($76m). After Mr Minder’s victory it will become harder to extend such corporate generosity. Shareholder votes on executive pay, hitherto ad hoc and advisory, will become routine and binding.

Swiss business must hope that the law does enough to quell outrage.

The country’s Young Socialists are demanding that senior executives’ pay be capped at 12 times that of the lowest-paid worker.It is up to the consumer to decide whether to support these companies with their purchasing dollars or to choose another company's products.Note that the information requested for inclusion on this list is not excessive and is freely stated on many pet food company websites.THE question facing Swiss voters on March 3rd was called the “people’s initiative against fat-cat pay”. As it happened, 68% of the electorate did, passing a measure that requires listed companies to offer shareholders a binding vote on senior managers’ pay and appointments at each annual general meeting.The penalty for bosses who fail to comply is up to three years in jail or the forfeit of up to six years’ salary.The laws needed to put the vote into practice will take ten years to write, some cynics suggest.

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