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Scammers love online surveys because it’s also easy to trick people into handing over money or personal information in the belief they’re going to be paid for taking part.

At their most basic, home online survey scams are usually a front for one of four tricks: But survey scams are not confined to bogus paid survey projects, and they’re not just on the Internet.

You can also be on the receiving end of a phony survey for which you’re not even being offered payment.

We warned recently about Census scams, in which crooks posing as data collectors use the forthcoming household and population survey as a front for phishing for personal information.

Swine Flu and Census Scams Exploit Fear and Ignorance Watch Out for These Doorstep Scam Artist Tricks Another trick, used by telemarketers, in direct mail, and even in face-to-face surveys you might encounter at your local shopping mall, is to pretend to be researching a particular subject when, in fact, it’s just an entry point into trying to sell you something.

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As we wrote in our earlier issue, the key online survey scam is based on the notion that you can earn big time cash by completing questionnaires online.

With computers in nearly every household these days, and the economic downturn in the background, the appeal of signing up for what seem to be easy-money schemes you can do at home has lured in tens of thousands of victims.

Companies like them because they’re quick, easy and cheap to do.

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