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From topping off a fruity cocktail with a colorful parasol to adding two straws to whiskey and coke, these frequently-used items are the finishing touches on your most popular beverages.

Keeping your disposables filled at all times will make it easy for your staff to top off any cocktail, beer, or another drink with the perfect parasol.

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To help make cleaning easier, we carry a full range of cleaning chemicals and glass sanitizers to make nightly cleanup go much more quickly.

Balancing the cash register at the end of the day is a no-brainer, but there are other financial concerns when working in a bar as well.

It may sound like a minor consideration, but it's critical to use ingredients before they spoil to prevent waste.

Other organizational tasks include: Keeping your consumables properly set up in your walk-in storage, undercounter refrigerators, and back bar refrigerators is a great way to streamline your operation while ensuring bartenders have access to all of their most frequently-used supplies.

These are some of the most important cleaning tasks your staff should carry out every night.

And while these are definitely some good ideas, keep in mind that this isn't an exhaustive list — and your bar may have additional considerations.

Cleaning will probably take up most of your bar checklist and your staff's time.

But if they all work together, nightly cleanup can become a breeze.

Every drink or food that you save overnight is another couple dollars that you can dedicate to profit and expansion, making storage a critical component to properly closing down.

Again, while this is not a total list of everything that could need to be done in your bar, it's a good place to start.

Any single-use product should be full for the next day, no matter how inconsequential it may seem.

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