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While he claims not to have a favorite among the triad, he notes that “Head 4 is very tight orally.

It has a small mouth,” adding that “if you’ve got a Head 4/Body 5, like Jazzi, you’ve pretty much got it covered.

When referring to their coital habits, Davecat uses terms like “make love” or “have sex” — and safe sex at that.

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Aside from getting up for occasional photo shoots, she mostly stays in bed, lying on her side to keep her butt from getting flat and so she’s spoonable.

She also frequently wears an athletic bra to keep her 34D breasts from sagging.

Her book, Still Lovers, is published by Channel Photographics.

You can view her work at this book Because Real Dolls’ silicone flesh holds heat well and becomes more pliable when body-temperature warm, Davecat toasts Sidore with an electric mattress pad all day.

Her sheer tank top shows off her full breasts and the hoop through her left nipple. Many doll lovers — or “i Dollators,” as some of them call themselves — participate in a confusing online subculture where the lines between art and pornography, the ludicrous and the tender, and fantasy and fetishism blur like watercolors.

Ask Davecat about Sidore — pronounced She-doh-ray — and he’ll tell you she’s everything that turns him on: beautiful, loyal, a great listener. True enough, some men who have sex with Real Dolls are creepy, the kind of guys you wouldn’t want to be alone with. Spend time talking to Real Doll aficionados as I have over the past year, and you come to understand that behind every Real Doll is a man with a reason.With million in sales last year, Mc Mullen now employs 14 people at his San Marcos, Calif., company and makes about six or seven dolls a week, each requiring 80 hours of labor.According to Davecat and many other Real Doll owners, sex with a Real Doll is quite good.He thinks she might be manic-depressive because she’s “relentlessly perky at times” but also, given the amount of time she spends in bed, prone to narcolepsy and laziness. Davecat imagines that she’s open-minded, a bit sarcastic, an artistic intellectual who, were she real, would walk around with Sylvia Plath books under her arm and go out drinking and dancing with her girlfriends.In short, Si-chan is a girl who Davecat thinks he could never meet.“For the most part, it’s just like sex with an organic woman …

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