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To me I honestly think there are too many dogs and instead of killing these creatures we should take lessons from other countries which make meals of them.

They're no different than any other of those we hunt for food with the exception we grow attached however some people grow attached to pigs, chickens, birds and even ducks but any of those can be found on the tables of many American restaurants so why not BBQ K9.

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Once on the beach and even though against the law "EVERY" dog owner allowed their dog to run free believing regardless of the law they had the right to do so.

With this their dog would piss everywhere and where one dog would piss another one would.

My little mini revolution in dog poo pick up is to lead by example.

You know a way to keep us pup lovers off the grass?

You and your dog don't own the right to defecate and urinate on public or private property, purchase urine products and spray the area after "your dog" pees so other dogs don't spray the same area.

I am writing a petition to hand to the state legislature in hopes of strengthening the dog laws and fines and I only hope you owners learn your dogs are not so precious to everyone.

If I asked the owners to control their dogs they'd suggest it was my fault for leaving my door open and get violent, once I was even assaulted for asking.

So for all you dog owners, who infringe your disgusting filthy lifestyle on others I say this, carry your brush, spray bottle and towels, obey the laws and respect others.

Sometimes you can find a piece of trash nearby – a drink cup or plastic bag.

(Unfortunately, where I live, there is as much litter on the walking paths as there is unscooped dog poop.) Way back when I lived in San Francisco, I’ve taken the plastic bag off of someone’s newspaper before; I’ve also taken someone’s before (just the free kind that gets delivered to every address, not the paid subscription kind! I saw a terrific video PSA on You Tube recently; I applaud this kind of creativity – though I wonder whether or not it changed anyone’s behavior. Piqapoo provides a solution that is a dream come true for dog owners that love their dogs but not picking up after them. Simply place Piqapoo's soft clip onto your dog's tail with the durable collection bag beneath. Keep your hands clean, and never pick up dog poo again. How disgusting, a warm fresh pile of smelly crap separated by a thin mil of plastic, you look so respectable as you do this.

Posted at AM - Comments: (31) By Nancy Kerns File this under “more preaching to the choir,” because I’m SURE that all WDJ readers clean up after their dogs – right?!

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