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Guests will be comprised of new and existing members who are working professionals and entrepreneurs.

Join us for a ' Lock & Key' mixer for singles 25-35 & 35-50 years old.

It also portrays some Kerala specialities such as Malabar Erachi pathiri.

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Manu and Meenakshi, who by this time had started to develop feelings for each other, are dejected upon hearing this and decide to leave the city so that their older counterpart may have a good relationship.

However, they discover the truth and each other's real identities during a chance encounter with a common acquaintance Pooja (Archana Kavi) at the railway station.

Kalidasan has a normal life until he gets a mis-dialled phone call from Maya (Shweta Menon), a dubbing artiste living with her friend Meenakshi (Mythili).

Maya rings to order a special Dosa (named "Thattil Kutti Dosa" in the film) from a restaurant, but gets Kalidasan instead.

When they meet, neither Manu nor Meenkashi realise that the other person is a substitute, since they introduce themselves as Kalidasan and Maya respectively.

Manu thinks that Kalidasan is actually in love with Meenakshi, while Meenakshi thinks that Maya is in love with Manu.They attempt to sabotage their older counterpart's relationship by telling Kalidasan and Maya respectively that the person they met would be unsuitable for them.Kalidasan and Maya try to forget each other, but fail, and they decide to call each other and meet anyway.Thus Manu and Meenakshi calls Kalidasan and Maya respectively and narrate all the incidents unknown to them.Kalidasan and Maya meet each other and their relationship begins.Hidden gems in any city are usually a bit off the beaten track and only discovered by foreigners either by accident or if your directed by a local.

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