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ALICIA (Translation): Today I still feel ashamed and weird and I still hide in the back. This is all legal, so the police don't bother to come round much. But that doesn't mean there's no prostitution there.

I think it'll be quite some time before I feel okay about it. Almost none of these women are actually German - most are from Eastern Europe. Here we have our bar and general are for the girls and guys. While every effort is being made to squeeze the sex industry in France, in Germany another mega-brothel is due to open soon in Saarbrucken.

It's estimated that 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year - 80% of them women.

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This is part of a chain of luxury mega-brothels in Germany and Austria. 5 million men visit prostitutes every day in Germany. Michael Beretin is the marketing manager for Paradise. How can they work under hygienic, clean conditions?

MADAM: And then you can go and on the first floor there are our rooms and there you can stay with the girls then. There is a strict dress code here - customers wear bath robes. PETER: What is making this place here so interesting is that you have the changing - you can take at a blonde one and at a black one, yes? MICHAEL BERETIN (Translation): Prostitution has always been a social need. He has grown rich since Germany liberalised its prostitution laws twelve years ago. What can we do rather than sell women as objects, as people say? Men can now go window shopping for sex in the city of Aachen, have unlimited sex with as many women as they like for 99 Euros at a flat rate brothel in Berlin, or visit an eight-storey mega-brothel in Cologne.

Nor do we want to create incentives to attract sex tourism to Germany.

In 2002, the Prostitution Act was motivated by a desire to improve conditions for prostitutes, making it possible for them to get health insurance and social security, and providing a safe place to work. In other parts of Europe - most recently France - concern about trafficking is leading to far stricter laws than Germany's.

ALICIA (Translation): On my first day I didn't feel good. SYLVIA PANTEL (Translation): At the time it was thought that legalising prostitution would improve the prostitutes' situation. We now see that meaning well does not mean doing well. There's a certain helplessness in some European countries.

I said maybe I'll only work two days, and then I'll see. Today is only her fourth day in Paradise - and yesterday was the first time in her life she had been paid for sex. No-one really knows the extent of forced prostitution in Germany. The red light district in Aachen is just a few hundred metres from the city's cathedral. Maria wasn't trafficked, but she is struggling to come to terms with her experiences and visits Solwodi for counselling. They're wagging their moral finger, making sure people know they're taking a tough line.

But owner and former prostitute, Felicitas Schirov, won a watershed case in court. REPORTER: What do you think when you hear people describe Germany as the biggest bordello in Europe?

FELICITAS SCHIROV, BROTHEL OWNER (Translation): The only ones who mind Germany being called Europe's largest brothel are those who mind prostitution. SYLVIA PANTEL, MP (Translation): We've become a great country for sex tourism and for perversion.

Business is so good, in fact, that some are calling Germany, Europe's bordello.

Amos Roberts reports from a country where sex sells - but not everybody is happy.

And this is where it all began 14 years ago - a small brothel in west Berlin.

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