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* UPDATE * Well boys i finally put my foot down and said enough, so that makes me seperated and looking for more than just here and there get-togethers. 99.9% of you say you want honesty, so why do you lie? I am a good and honest person, that tells it like it is. Oh to all the people that keep looking at my profile, don't be shy say hi.

So you boys, and you know who you are, either get a clue and actually read my profile, or get the fuck lost.

I also recall trying to build a relationship with a team executive who I was pretty sure was a source for other reporters.

We were supposed to meet up for a drink during a big work event, but he kept changing the subject away from work to my personal life and whether or not I was dating anyone.

When he put his hand on my back, that was my cue to leave.

I stopped trying to communicate with him, which was a professional disadvantage since he was most likely helping my competitors.” Then there’s the female sports reporter based in a major market who has been asked out repeatedly by coaches, agents and players of various sports.

“I follow athletes for information, they follow me back, they message me, continue to message me, etc. On the road, I make sure to not even make eye contact with players or even really talk to them unless I'm doing an interview.

I've had a lot of good interactions on Twitter with athletes, professional relationships, but lots take them too far. You block everything out or else you become a ‘whistle blower’ and no one wants to have you around.” And on and on and on it goes.

When a female sports reporter who works for a major east coast outlet was new to the business, an MLB team employee asked for her phone number, which he said was for another media outlet who wanted to have her on one of their shows. She didn't know this until the player started calling and texting her, asking her to send photos and to talk to him before games.

She tried to explain the boundaries, but he kept contacting her regularly, despite her pleas to him and to the team employee who had passed on her number.

Then there was the time the Division I basketball coach hit on her.

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