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The combined audio features of the PHABRIX Sx A include support for 16 channels of embedded audio to complete the suite of functions.The AES functionality of the PHABRIX Sx A allows the user to embed a single external 48k Hz synchronous AES stream into the generated video stream.Audio de-embed using the PHABRIX Sx A's analyzer function allows the user to receive a video stream with embedded audio on one of the AES pairs, stripping the audio to be exported onto the AES output.

The PHABRIX Sx A can be further enhanced with a range of options.

PHABRIX has employed the very best state of the art technologies within its product line up.

The PHABRIX Sx A is ideal for studio, OB, and lab environments operating from either the internal battery or via the included mains adaptor.

Compared to the expense of heavy bench bound products several PHABRIX Sx A’s can be obtained allowing an engineer to have his own personal extensive on the go solution for the most sophisticated broadcast T&M requirement.

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Members can chat as a group about any topic that interests them. Please help us grow by telling all your friends about us. The PHABRIX Sx A was introduced in 2008 as the world's first hand held multi-standard video test signal generator, analyser and monitor including AES audio testing and monitoring.With testing for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI supported as standard, the PHABRIX Sx A has been continually advanced through the provision of regular product updates and feature rich options.Under the terms of PHABRIXs warranty an end-user will be able to claim for any defect in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of new product shipment to the end-user.Under the terms of the warranty, PHABRIX will supply replacement parts for those which prove defective and warranty labour if the defective equipment is returned freight prepaid either to PHABRIX or to an approved factory service depot.This warranty does not include responsibility for any transportation damage or handling damage or insurance costs. Automatic product warranty will cover the first year from the date of invoice to the distributors end-user and end same date in the next calendar year. Should the product develop a fault, the distributor will provide first line telephone support for the end-user to confirm the fault is technical and not operator error. If the distributor considers the product to be faulty following their telephone support, the product must be returned to the distributor for visual examination to confirm the fault. The distributor must then contact PHABRIX to discuss whether the product should be replaced from the distributor's stock or directly from PHABRIX. If the product is faulty and cannot be repaired by the distributor, the distributor must obtain a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number from PHABRIX before sending the faulty product to PHABRIX. PHABRIX finds that the product or its component parts have been altered by unauthorised personnel; 2.

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