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We want your reports to look correct and consistent across modern browsers.

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Note that most of these items are also applicable to previous versions.

There are a couple of different symptoms that can lead you to believe that Intelli Sense is "not working." One is where the Intelli Sense features (auto-complete / list members / tool-tips / underlining invalid references) do not function at all.

One of our themes for SQL Server 2016 is enabling you to design beautiful, modern reports using modern tools – Report Builder and Visual Studio.

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Intelli Sense can be a very powerful ally for the T-SQL developer.

It can significantly reduce keystrokes, prevent you from guessing at object names, make sure you spell them correctly (and use the right case), and can help you understand the interface to several programmable entities such as stored procedures and built-in functions.

Intelli Sense provides several features to make your Transact-SQL programming experience more productive.

This section describes details specific to the Transact-SQL editor.

I'm curious if anyone knows of a good reason it doesn't or if it's just an oversight.

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