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The ultimate games and 4K entertainment system now comes in a military green 1TB console along with a military green wireless controller and stand.

This bundle also includes a digital copy of Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, the Hellfighter Pack, Red Baron Pack and more.

(Xbox can only go up to 8 people in a game.) But Xbox you can play Minecraft on your TV which is probably bigger than your monitor and yuo could sit on your couch or somewhere comfy.

The equirectangular projection (also called the equidistant cylindrical projection, geographic projection, or la carte parallélogrammatique projection, and which includes the special case of the plate carrée projection or geographic projection) is a simple map projection attributed to Marinus of Tyre, who Ptolemy claims invented the projection about AD 100.

Well, I personally think the PC version is awesome, but like other people said they have their pro's and cons.

If you're much of a console gamer and play Minecraft Xbox 360 version everything is much familiar and comfortable. There will be updates for the 360 version that will ad creative mode and what not.

I play Minecraft with friends on the Xbox and I have a ton of fun.

If you're in a situation where you'd have to give up your PC for an Xbox 360, I suggest you not do that and just stick with PC version. If you were to buy a xbox, would u only play 1 game?

You are a reporter in WWII fighting alongside the troops to stop the Nazi Reich from obtaining victory.10 years have passed since Crypto and Pox landed on Earth.

After 8 years of Play Station Trophies, here's probably THE cheapest and easiest Platinum trophy EVER created!

no devs to help with server upkeep and stop griefers so you have a hard thing to make of which is better both have good pro's and bad., It's really up to what your preference is.

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