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James Marsters as William ‘Spike’ Pratt: Marsters (49) capitalised cleverly on his cult status.After stretching out the role of Spike from 1997 – 2004 (even his death in the last episode of , where she was the female lead for the first four seasons before bizarrely vanishing without much explanation.

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In stark contrast to her fellow Slayer Faith Lehane, Buffy always sought deep, committed relationships rather than casual bonds; unfortunately, she was most often drawn to dangerous or unobtainable men.

While discussing a painful reunion with Angel with Willow Rosenberg Buffy remarked, "Isn't that where the fire comes from? I know it's nuts, but part of me believes that real love and passion have to go hand in hand with pain and fighting." It is also notable that all her male lovers were older men (with the exception of RJ Brooks under the influence of a love spell), possibly stemming from the manner of the Slayer's creation by the Shadow men.

It told the simple tale of a perfectly normal all-American cheerleader called Buffy Summers who discovers her destiny is to battle vampires and demons.

She was only girl in the world who could do it, but had to do so while balancing her day-job as daughter, friend and schoolgirl. It was smart, moving, funny, heart-breaking and (in places) musical.

Buffy woke up alone the next day and was soon attacked by the soulless Angelus, providing a metaphor for the real-life situation of a boy who doesn't call a girl the "morning after" they share a sexual encounter.

Angelus tormented Buffy, and although witch Willow Rosenberg was able to restore his soul with magic, Buffy was forced to sacrifice him to stop the world from being drawn into hell.Shortly after he received a suspended jail sentence he voluntarily entered rehab. Buffy’s former watcher has notched up numerous screen appearances since 2003 in such gems as .Miss Trachtenberg is also a lad’s mag regular and friend of very pale makeup.The series concluded in 2003 with the feminist masterstroke of finally allowing Buffy to decide if she WANTED to be the Slayer, and saw the hero and her surviving chums leaving the town of Sunnydale as rubble.But what was the true destiny of The Slayer and her Slayerettes?Buffy's attitude toward romance changed when she decided not to be dependent on men.

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