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No sooner had word broke that the two might be dating (“He’s happier than he’s been for many years,” reports claimed), that sleuths uncovered several signs that the two actually might be pretty serious.— Per Markle’s Instagram account, the actress has visited London twice in recent months (by the way, all of her posts are now overrun with comments of the “should we now be calling you PRINCESS?!?!

” variety).— In what must have been a freakishly exhaustive photographic research journey, someone realized the bracelet that Markle is wearing in an October 20 Instagram post is very similar to one Harry was wearing in Nepal in March.

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However, the former long-term girlfriend to Prince Harry recently shared that it was quite the opposite most of the time.

Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry were an item for seven years, and during this time, which many would view as a fairytale romance, Davy admitted that dating a royal was “scary” and “uncomfortable” due to constant media intrusion and judgment passed on her while on the arm of Prince Harry.

Since the Cinnamon Prince split from the bejeweled-moccasins-obsessed Cressida Bonas, in 2014, the 32-year-old hasn’t had a serious girlfriend (at least one that he made public). Markle, who has more than a million Instagram followers, is also a lifestyle blogger, running a site called the Tig (named after a mispronunciation of a wine called Tignanello). pretty common-looking, beaded bracelet that bears a similarity to one of Harry’s? Kensington Palace is, unsurprisingly, refusing to comment. (“Two dogs means everything is good; one dog means we need to talk.”) but was a “no show.” One thing is clear: the British press is going to be on Markle’s every move, every Instagram post, every choice in jewelry, from this point forward.

While the media works itself into a frenzy at every possible hint of a new relationship (when Harry was photographed with his hand on the knee of all but sent a 24-person battalion to Coleman’s flat to stand on watch), and rumors of a reunion with Bonas, or with Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy, continue to resurface, there has not been a full-fledged, confirmed “Harry’s New Girlfriend! She’s also committed to humanitarian efforts, becoming a global ambassador for World Vision Canada this year, and presenting at the U. for the Hefor She Gender Equality Campaign in 2014. All possible.— Most intriguingly, Harry reportedly follows Markle on his private Instagram account, and Markle followed him at the end of June (if you think we aren’t spending the rest of the day trying to determine the handle of Harry’s private account, you . (One report claims Kate and William have met Markle, and they “really liked her and she fitted in straight away.”) Markle’s only “comment” so far has been via posting a photo on her Instagram account of two dogs with a “Happy Sunday” caption.

Already, British oddsmakers are entering the fray (odds are 25 to 1 that the two will be engaged).

Many young women likely are in agreement that marrying a prince would be a dream.

Prince Harry has recently been linked romantically to aspiring actress Juliette Labelle but friends say that Juliette is merely a distraction as Harry waits for Chelsy.

An insider revealed to the Daily Beast Royal reporter that the world hasn’t heard the last of Chelsy. Harry still holds a candle for her, they talk a lot, and if she initiated it, he would go back to her like a shot.” Is she ready to become a Royal bride? After all, Chelsy did make a complete change from a demanding career as an attorney to a more relaxed career as a jewelry designer for Baar & Bass earlier this year.

Chelsy recently spoke with The two began dating in 2004 and called off their relationship in 2011 when Davy came to terms that it was “not the life for [her].” Now 30, the former solicitor is a jewelry designer and enjoying a quieter life.

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