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She has built a multi-generational, dedicated fanbase spanning the decades since her rise from Dusseldorf, Germany and her legendary beginnings in WARLOCK.Like most teen-aged metal fans, I could not believe my ears or eyes when I saw this massive, powerful voice projecting from this tiny, gorgeous little German woman.

The band will embark on the co-headlining run with Act of Defiance starting Oct.

Doro Pesch is an international metal icon, hard music royalty, the “Queen of Metal”.

As they state, Riley Mc Shane (Sons of Aurelius, Inanimate Existence, Continuum) will be grunting and growling with Allegaeon on their upcoming tour.

Allegaeon will be touring in support of their 2014 release, .

I love the fans because you will always hear the chants for “DIO, DIO!!

” before and after we play “Hero”, it is just amazing.

LRI: “Raise Your Fist” is a good album and deserves a good tour.

All of your albums are solid but these songs hit me as strong as “Force Majeure”. We always try to make the best album we can with the most meaningful songs and the best mix of material and that means a lot.

I know from speaking to your drummer Johnny Dee that he and Nick (Douglas, bassist) have got to be as excited as you are. I am sure Johnny told you but the three of us have been playing together for so many years, Nick joined in 1990 and Johnny in 1993.

We have been playing together, living together, friends forever so it feels like they are my brothers and when we get to go out touring together, especially in America it is so special.

I’ve met literally thousands of amazing human beings over the last 7 years.

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