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This season introduces Drew Carey as Assistant Director of Personnel at Winfred-Louder. Bell (Kevin Pollak) who has an obnoxious assistant Mimi Bobeck (Kathy Kinney) who often clashes with Drew.

Drew spends much of his free time with friends Lewis (Ryan Stiles), Oswald (Diedrich Bader) and Kate (Christa Miller) and their favorite hangout is a tavern called 'The Warsaw'.

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Related quizzes can be found here: Drew Carey Quizzes There are 119 questions on this topic. This quote was taken from the episode "Cap-beer-chino". Kate discovers that someone has marketed another coffee-flavored beer, Cap-Beer-Cino.

The man behind the product, Chris Vanderkamp, played by Ed Begley Jr., shows up at the Warsaw to try to sell Cap-Beer-Cino to the bar.

However, it was put in wrong, causing the kitchen to slope.

This episode, "A House Reunited," was the second part of a two part episode."Tracy Bowl" was a mock of the Super Bowl with cameos from Bob Costas, Lynn Swann and Kenny Mayne.

Lewis, Drew, and Oswald finally realized that they were dating the same woman.

They each wanted to be the sole owner of Tracy, therefore, they did all they could to convince Tracy that the other two were not worthy.

Drew interviews a hostile Mimi for the cosmetics salesperson job at Winfred-Louder and she accuses him of being sexist for rejecting her application.

Meanwhile, Drew's best friend Kate who has just lost her job, coerces him into hiring her, though he is reluctant to hire a friend. Bell hires Mimi as his assistant to keep her from filing a complaint about Drew's 'harassment' and she vows to make Drew's life intolerable.

In order to get revenge, Mimi drugged Drew and sent him to China. While walking down the streets of China, a woman sitting on a bench showed him where a Mc Donald's was located.

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